Top 10 Countries With Highest Crypto Investors

June 17, 2022

You are about to hear this for the first time about how nations are standing when it comes to the rate of the population actively engaged in trading cryptocurrency. Do you know that India has well over 100 million cryptocurrency investors; and that Nigeria is
one of the leading countries with the largest number of investors? Please find out in this writing as we consider the top 10 countries with the highest numbers of crypto investors.

1. India:  According to our research, India is presumed to have the largest number of investors in Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrencies.  A source reveals that India's cryptocurrency market is up to $5.39 billion with over 100 million

2. The United States of America:  The second country with the largest investment in cryptocurrency in America. According to Pew Research, there are well over 16% of Americans currently trade cryptocurrency. The figure is put at the rough estimate of around 22-50 million American population who claimed to have used, invested in, or traded one form of cryptocurrencies or the

3. Russia:  Russia is regarded as one of the leading countries with a number of crypto traders. Russia has about 17 million investors accounting for 11.91% of the country's population. Russia is one of the oil richest countries in the world, yet, it has designated itself as one of the key players in crypto trading.

4. Nigeria: It is no surprise, that Nigeria's enormous youths are engaging in trading cryptocurrencies.   Despite the government announcement to prohibit crypto trading and transactions in the country, research conducted in June of the year 2021 on crypto trading put Nigeria in fourth position among the largest countries trading crypto. The research reveals that there are over 13 million Nigerians who have invested in crypto trading – either Bitcoin or otherwise.

5. Brazil: The next country under consideration is Brazil, following Nigeria. Brazil is a country with a very large population and roughly about 10 million of her population have demonstrated their interest to invest in cryptocurrency.

6. Pakistan:  The Islamic country of Pakistan is also not taking the least in cryptocurrency trading, showing up in the sixth position is not too bad for this Arabian nation. There are around 9 million Pakistanis who have engaged themselves in trading cryptocurrencies- roughly 4.10% of the country's population.​

7. Indonesia:  Indonesia is the seventh-largest cryptocurrency trading country in the world. There are 7 million Indonesian people trading crypto. That is about 2.66% of the country's total population.

8. Vietnam:  Another country of utmost interest in Vietnam. There are over 5 million Vietnamese trading cryptocurrency - approximately 6.12% of the country's population.

9. Ukraine:  Though a nation currently at war, Ukraine is one of the top 10 countries trading cryptocurrency.  There are over  5 million  Ukrainians who are currently (or just before the outbreak of war) trading cryptocurrency; that is around 12.7% Ukrainian population.

10. Kenya:   Kenya is the tenth country in our consideration. This is going to be the second African country in this list of 10 countries that have the highest number of investors in the cryptocurrency market. There are over 4 million Kenyans currently trading cryptocurrency, roughly around 8.52% of the country's population.

Now you know and see where nations of the world are standing regarding their various number of investors. If you live in Nigeria you might be surprised how Nigeria managed to maintain the fourth position despite government prohibition and stern regulations of the cryptocurrency in the country. The truth is, Nigerians are determined people who get whatever they need at all costs.
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