How to Deposit Money into Your Fiat Wallet on Bitfada

Jun 08, 2022

Fiat in any organization, like a bank is where liquid cash is kept for safety purposes; and for easy accessibility. In cryptocurrency, a fiat wallet is a digital storage compartment where the user keeps his or her fiat currency which he or she intends to use for the purpose of accessibility any time he or she wishes to perform trading.

On Bitfada platform, there are basically two ways your fiat wallet can be funded:

• You choose to retain the money you get through some of the coins you had previously sold – that money could be used to fund future transactions.

• You choose to transfer money from your physical bank account into your wallet with the aim of using the money to perform transactions either now or later. However, we will be looking at the second point which is talking about how you can deposit or transfer money into your fiat wallet for the purpose of trading.

In depositing money into your fiat wallet, the following process must be followed.

1.  Log in to your Bitfada account: The first step in depositing money into your Bitfada fiat wallet is for you to login into your Biitfada’s account. On your dashboard, click on wallet as shown in the image below.

2. Select the currency you want to deposit: At this stage, from the page, you arrived at, there are different forms of currencies. We have BTC, ETH, USDT, and NGN. NGN is Nigerian currency, that is, naira.

Let’s assume that you want to deposit naira currency into your account, then select NGN as shown in the image below.

3. Click on Bank Wire: After selecting the currency you want to deposit, look at the right-hand side of the new page you have. There you will see on the Blue button that says: Bank Wire. Click it. 

Please note that on the top right corner of the page you have option: Deposit and Withdraw. Make sure the Deposit button is turned green. See the image below.

4. Enter the amount: After clicking Bank Wire button, you will see space to write the amount you want to deposit. See the image below.

In this case, we assume that you want to deposit N 1,000,000 as shown above, the clickk on next.

5. Select the bank: At this stage, you have to select which of the listed banks you are paying into. After that, wait for the page to load.

6. Make your payment: Now it is time to make your payment. The form below shows the company’s bank details. They are covered for security reasons. When you are doing your deposit, you will see them clearly.

​When you are depositing your cash, be mindful of the time count. It is just about 15 minutes. Meaning, that you have to do your transaction within 15 minutes so that the time does not elapse. If the time expired, you may have to start the process all over again.

Use the company’s account number displayed on this page to make your deposit.

Enter the full name of the depositor. Since you are likely to transfer the cash from another account, write the account name where you are transferring the money from. Upload the proof of the payment. Whether it is the bank alert indicates that you transfer the said amount into Bitfada account or bank deposit slip. Finally, click submit. After submitting the form and it shows that the submission was successful, then you have to wait for the admin to confirm your deposit. Once it is confirmed, the exact amount you deposited will be credited into your Bitfada wallet.


This is the process you have to follow in order to deposit money into your fiat wallet on Bitfada trading platform. Bitfada is a big company that is growing every day. We are having a growing number of users every day joining our platform to trade with us. They hear about us, some read about just as you are doing, and our testimony is speaking for us. Bitfada is by all standards one of the world largest P2P cryptocurrency trading platforms. We are proud of what we have achieved, but we look for more. 

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