Bitfada is a global cryptocurrency trading platform where you can safely trade with millions of users around the world. At Bitfada we allow users to create advertisements, choose their payment method and exchange rate.

Bitcoins are a form of digital/virtual cryptocurrency that is completely online are entirely decentralized from any central bank or single administrator control and can be sent between users on a peer-to-peer exchange without the intervention of any external intermediary transaction involving Bitcoins occurs through network nodes signed through a cryptography system and which gets recorded through a blockchain is a form of publicly distributed ledger system.

Bitcoins are like a form of online cash transacted on the internet they are an online form of currency can be sent across the world using the internet to how you send an email one to receive or send bitcoins requires to have a bitcoin wallet which is your online wallet where individuals can store their hard-earned bitcoins signing up and joining Bitfada you acquire a safe and simple-to-use bitcoin wallet where you can store your bitcoins.

Each bitcoin wallet comes with a unique wallet address you send to people they can turn bitcoins to you bitcoin wallet allows you to send and store bitcoins while keeping tabs with all your transactions in a similar manner to online banking.

We recognize that there exist multiple online scams related to transactions involving bitcoins include blackmail exchanges malware emails and phishing websites and pyramid schemes.

At Bitfada protect all online trade using escrow a trade is initiated in the platform reserves the number of bitcoins that corresponds to the amount of money traded automatically from the seller`s Bitfada wallet. Such a capability means that in case the seller decides not to honor the trade agreement of transferring the bitcoins to your Bitfada wallet the Bitfada wallet support will release the purchased bitcoins from escrow same applies to sellers who are selling Bitcoins on the platform. You are advised to never release escrow before confirming receipt of money from the Bitcoin buyer.

How do I buy and sell Bitcoins?

If you are a new user of Bitfada and want to learn how to buy Bitcoins you can watch this short video.


If you are a new user of Bitfada and want to learn how to sell Bitcoins you can watch the short video below.

If you still have any questions after watching the videos kindly contact our customers services for help.

Bitfada prioritizes the processing of Bitcoin transactions those that are sent with the correct fee the Bitcoin transaction is sent using the correct fee will take between when you are transferring bitcoins from your Bitfada wallet all transactions between Bitfada users are instantaneous.

To check the status of the Bitcoin transaction:

Check the transaction information from the wallet transaction history page on Bitfada information on the transaction ID or the receiving wallet`s address.

Visit tradeblock.com In the search field in the transaction ID or receiving address Click on transaction information to obtain more information on it Check the place where it shows you the number of confirmations shown by the transaction.

If the transactions contain; Over six confirmations it indicates that the transaction is complete and the receiving wallet has received bitcoins It is unconfirmed and has between it indicates the transaction has left the sending wallet and is on the way Unable to find the transaction indicates the transaction was never initiated from the sending wallet you should contact the owner of sending wallet.

Yes is possible to Buy less than one bitcoin advertisement from sellers has its limits indicate the least and highest figure of Bitcoins that one can buy from a selected advertisement.

The limits indicate the highest and lowest amounts of bitcoins that one can purchase from that specific trader.

The smallest unit of Bitcoin that one can buy on the platform is which equates to one satoshi.

Bitfada allows multiple payment methods on the platform gives users a wide variety of payment options to help boost convenience some payment options such as Paypal and Credit cards have been criticized since they have very high transaction costs as compared to others as Cash Deposits payments bank transfers.

The reason for the high transaction charges on payment methods such as PayPal and Credit cards is that sellers need to protect themselves from fraudulent buyers selling the bitcoins and a bank can take the money paid by the individual from their account necessitates the need to have high payment prices to help protect themselves from some inherent risk.

One of the unique features of Bitcoins is that they offer the user much control over their cash makes it assume a very different approach as compared to traditional cash.

Since Bitcoin transactions are irreversible payment options come with higher costs due to higher transaction risks.

It is hence highly recommended that for you to acquire the best price on the site and make use of hard to reverse payment methods such as bank transfer payments cash deposit the buy bitcoins tab can search for the payment method of your choice based on convenience and price.

You can buy Bitcoins without having a mobile phone, but you will be limited to which advertisements you can reply to. By verifying your phone number with LocalBitcoins increases the number of advertisements that you can contact.

One of the frequent questions our customers ask us is how secure is BitFada?

What if I pay the seller and he/she did not release the coin?

Well, this is how Bitfada works, please, pay full attention to this message.

BitFada is a highly secured p2p crypto exchange.

First of all, before you can trade on BitFada you must be a verified member of the platform.

We must know who you're, your home address, valid ID card, and co must be submitted through the KYC process.

Secondly,  You can not place a sell order if you did not have your coin deposited into your BitFada wallet.

Thirdly, In the process of trading, if you're Buying crypto on BitFada, the system will hide the amount of coin you want to buy from the seller in our escrow system.

This means the amount you want to buy will be removed from the seller's account immediately after you place the order to trade with the seller.

So if you as a Buyer pay the seller and the seller refuses to release the fund to you, they is a button under the trade page that says Raise A Dispute. Once you raise a dispute, Bitfada will now come in, we will request proof of payment and statement of account from you the Buyer, and the Seller.

If the seller has received the money before he/she is pretending we will know and if you the buyer did not send the money before he is lying we would know this too.

But in a situation where we discovered that the buyer has paid the seller before the seller just decided to make the buyer go through the Dispute stress. we would release the coin to the buyer's account and suspend the seller's account for stressing the buyer.

And in a situation where the buyer did not pay the seller or you do a fake alert to the seller, the money will be released back to the seller's account and the buyer's account will be suspended for putting us under Dispute stress.

Although this situation is not common on BitFada because we have serious traders on our platform who are always ready to honor their orders with all honesty anytime any day.

That is why you should have rest of mind while trading on BitFada.

The system is programmed in a such way that you can never lose your money, unlike other platforms that are full of untrusted traders.

Bitfada is highly secured to trade on.

Log into your Bitfada.com account to start your trading journey with BitFada today.

In case you have a question kindly contact our customers services representative. There are always online to respond to all of your questions.

Bitfada is a trademarked product of Bitfada Technology Limited duly registered and licensed with The Corporate Affairs Commission Nigeria and we are currently working hard to acquire license in other countries.