How to Sell BTC with Bitfada Fiat Wallet

Jun 17, 2022

In our previous discussion, we looked at how you can buy BTC with Bitfada Fiat Wallet. I will strongly recommend that you check that topic on this blog site.

In this report, we want to look at how you can sell BTC with Bitfada Fiat Wallet. If you have assimilated the previous discussion, you will understand that there is not much difference between what we are discussing here and what we have discussed before. The only difference is that here, we are selling instead of buying.

Therefore, we still going to follow the same process as we did previously. I want you to follow me closely as we look into the steps involved in selling BTC on the Bitfada platform one after the other.

Step One: Type, in your browser, and log in to your account. What you will have in the image below.

Step Twe: To sell BTC, click on the icon which shows Sell, you will be brought to the next page

When you are directed to the next page, click on Post a trade as shown below, and wait until you are redirected.

Step Three: Fill in all the required details in the form to which you are redirected. And finally, click on create the advertisement.

When you have posted your advertisement, your name should be listed among the seller as shown below.

Let us assume that there is someone who wants to buy from you in the market, what do you do; and how you sell?

When someone indicates interest to buy your market, you should be alerted. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and the name of the person should appear among the buyers. See the image below.

When you have identified the buyer, click on Sell right in the front of his name as indicated in the red boxes above under Action. Wait, until you are redirected.

Let us assume we are selling to Usman, we will click on Sell right in the front of his name and wait until we are redirected. The page below will open.

Type the amount and click on Sell BTC. Your payment will be confirmed and your Bitfada NGN Wallet will be credited with the exact amount of what you just sold to Usman.

This is how to sell BTC and receive the payment into your Bitfada Fiat Wallet. I hope this report is helpful? Kindly, let us have feedback from you by leaving a comment in the comment section box below. In case you have any clarification or further explanation, be free to contact our support team at: [email protected]